Generic Viagra over the counter

Generic Viagra became available in December 2017, making it the first ever FDA-approved generic drug for erectile dysfunction (ED).

While this news might be welcomed by many men who suffer from ED, it is important to remember that Generic Viagra is not an over-the-counter medication. In order to get your hands on the little blue pill, you will need a prescription from a licensed medical professional.

viagra over the counter

This is because Generic Viagra contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate, which is a Schedule 4 controlled substance in Australia. This means that it can only be sold under strict conditions, one of which is that only pharmacists can dispense the medication.

So, if you are thinking about popping down to your local pharmacy to pick up some Generic Viagra, you will be out of luck. However, there are other ED treatments available over the counter at pharmacies, such as Viagraine tablets and Sildenafil Sandoz tablets.

viagra over the counter

There are many over the counter medications for anxiety. Some of these include:

• Beta blockers – These drugs can help to control some of the physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heart or shaking hands.

• Anti-anxiety medication – These drugs can help to reduce the overall level of anxiety. However, they may also cause drowsiness and other side effects.

• Buspirone – This medication is sometimes used for people who do not respond well to other types of anti-anxiety medication. It can cause side effects such as headache, nausea, and dizziness.

viagra over the counter